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freeasever , 28 Oct 2008

stopped picking

hey everyone, ive been reading skinpick for awhile. i never bothered to write in. the site was so helpful. i have been a sufferer for 5 yrs now. it was getting so bad. my work noticed it and made me go to the health nurse. they treated me like an outcast, like i was a contagous puss ball. i felt very ashamed(more than usual). anyway i made an appointment to see a shrink. the best thing i ever did. let me tell you if you have had childhood issues you need to go see someone for help! after 5 sessions with her i have realized why i pick. i always thought it was everyday stress. it is alittle but even more than that it is anger. i have alot of anger inside about my past. realizing that my mother did not know how to be one. i was angry for so many reasons. i was picking anytime i was feeling anger. since i have realized that it is anger i am able to control picking. if i catch myself doing it i can stop. there is only one spot that i pick still. that is amazing because the scares on my boby tell a very different story. i am very proud of myself for getting help when i thought nothing would help me. now if i can get rid of the scares i may be able to put this behind me and move on. i hope this is helpful to someone, anyone cause a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. i am free at last! ( i hope) there is always those days where you loose hope but another day is around the corner.

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