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lizzle , 12 Aug 2011

I'm not alone!

Hi, i'm 19 years old and have had Dermatillomania for about 5 years now. I've seen this site before but i've only just registered, it's such a relief to know that other people suffer from the same problem as me. Dermatillomania has ruined my life, I dropped out of college for a year which deprived me of a gap year travelling, it determines what i wear (I only have my face and hands on show), it puts a strain on my relationship as it's stressful for my boyfriend and I often don't want to see my friends. I'm hoping to find friends on here to share ways of overcoming urges to pick and covering marks and scars. I'm going to university soon and i'm worried that this problem will lead to me dropping out, like I did at college. I'm so glad i'm not alone and I hope we can all help and encourage eachother to overcome this! xxx
6 Answers
August 17, 2011
Hi Lizzle, So what things have you tried to find relief and help in healing scars? Peace to you:)
August 31, 2011

In reply to by PepsiGirl

I've tried cutting my nails really short, wearing gloves, putting plasters anywhere I think I might pick, playing with elastic bands........ i could go on! I've not found anything to heal scars, I tried Bio Oil but it didn't really work. Have you got any ideas? x
September 05, 2011

In reply to by lizzle

Cocoa butter is easy to use, smells good, cheap and easy to find. Spend more time with friends and your BF, it is harder to resist the urge if you are with people. Tell your BF and have him stop you if he catches you trying to pick. Be open and trust yourself. Stay strong
September 15, 2011
You are definitely not alone. I was always the little kid with the scabby knees lasting for weeks from constant picking. And I still have a picking problem and I am also 19. For me, when I started college a year ago I lived in the dorms so with people constantly around and a roommate, fortunately it was very difficult to find time to myself to pick. I will go into a picking trance but hearing the sounds of other people usually snaps me out of it so being around people is usually helpful. My entire family knows about my picking problem, as they have walked in on me alone in my room with tweezers picking at my skin. But they will make sure if they see me they will tell me to stop and hand me a toy or gadget to play with. Which is also a good way to control your picking. I own a lot of spinner rings( or and they give me something to do with my fingers. I also tend to bite/chew on my hands for the relief and also because I know I will have a good scab to pick at later. But to try and not pick the scab repeatedly I make sure to put a bandage over it so I'm not tempted. And this also stops people from asking "what did you do!?". Unfortunately, my back,chest, and arms are already pretty scarred. However, I took birth control to help with the acne and since have not had anything to pick at and found that the scars actually faded. But still keeps me from wearing tanktops or bathing suits. Hope some of this is helpful.
December 31, 2011

In reply to by Jenna_Beast

thanks for your comment, i think i'll get myself a spinner ring! i'm in a dorm aswell, it does make stopping a bit easier knowing that i have to leave my room for every meal etc bu it's annoying when i have to reapply my make up every time i need a drink or something! i'm on christmas break at the moment and my skin has got a lot worse, my family know about it too and they try to help but i guess no one can really help that much. how often do you pick? i can't even go a day without doing a bit. just hope we stop soon x

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