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petra , 15 Aug 2011

What helped me..

Just knowing that this disorder has a name and that im not alone has made things better. I went on youtube to see what the "normal" people do to get clear skin. Water/ apple cider vinegar, yes i know its old and everybody knows about it, but it really helps getting clear skin.Also i stopped using acne products( never had acne) Every night after i wash my face with my regular face wash, i use baking soda (when ur face is still wet), like a tbs and massage it in the face and rinse, great for pores and blackheads. I started using Dickinson's Witch hazel toner which i dont know how i ever could live without. For blackheads/pores on the nose i use Elmer's school glue (non-toxic) It works great and its cheap instead of those expensive biore strips. I usually do it right after the shower when the pores are open. So dont get me wrong, i still pick my face if there's something to pick but i dont zone out for over an hour like i use to and tear my face apart. I noticed that the scars on my face have faded in like just 2 months. And what i do for the scars, before i put on my moisturizer i take a cotton swab, dip it in some lemon juice and dot all the scars on my face wt it. Hope this helps!
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August 19, 2011
I also have never had acne yet still used acne products. After 10 years of using those harsh cleansers, I have also stopped. I'm now alternating between Dr. Bronner's peppermint castille soap and a calming organic oatmeal soap. My skin has had less to pick since I started this regimen.
August 19, 2011

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About 10 yrs for me as well and they really messed up my face. I use cocoa butter soap and my skin has gotten so much softer and there's definitely less to pick on. Im gonna try the oatmeal soap tho, heard good things about it.

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