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PepsiGirl , 17 Aug 2011


Hello Everyone, I am new to this site. This is very scary for me, but I learned about dermatillomania last month and decided tonight would be the night I read up on it and begin working to make some changes in my life. From what I am reading, skin picking can come from a variety of issues. I am thinking for me that it comes from several different things. I was sexually abused by my adopted dad, my babysitters teenage son, a neighbor, and other kids. Then I believe my mom also dealt with skin picking. She is also a very anxious person. So then there is me. I have been picking as long as I can remember. I notice it happens a lot when I am bored. In the car, writing a paper, when I am zoned out and focusing on something. I pick myself but I have also been known to pick on my family as well. All I can say is I have an overwhelming need for things to be smooth, to not be bulgining out or rough. Since I have been picking for well over 30 years my skin is showing it. I keep praying for God to release this affliction from me and allow me to move beyond this. But as I have had to deal with other issues involving the sexual abuse, I know I need to work through this. So here I am, ready to do this. I know one of the biggest things that helps is to keep my hands busy. Has anyone tried putting on lotion instead of picking? It would keep my hands busy and be comforting at the same time.

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