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ChuChuCee , 20 Aug 2011

Just to let everyone know...

I feel so GREAT! Now that I have started the therapy and the Prozac... it has been a total complete insane turnaround. The important thing was that the therapist I have been seeing was able to see right away that it was OCD not anxiety that caused my picking, so instead of putting me on an antianxiety she put me on the antidepressant. For all of you out there struggling... you have to determine whether you pick out of anxiousness, or compulsion, or if it stems from BDD or what have you, so you can remedy the CAUSE of your actions. I haven't picked my face in three days. Not even a little bit. I haven't even had the urge to do it. It's crazy how good I am feeling about myself. Stay strong you guys! There are solutions, you just have to search search search and sometimes reach out for more help.
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August 25, 2011
That is such an encouraging story!!! I was on Prozac for a while, but I was still picking, now I'm on Zoloft, and have been for a while. Do you think maybe it's time for a change? Or an upgrade? I'm sick of this!

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