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Never.Giving.Up , 23 Aug 2011

I will stop picking my face forever!!

I am so glad I am not alone out there. Seeing comments from everyone really helps me...I am determined to quit this life-ruining habit! Long story short, I've been picking since 14/15....i'm turning 20 soon and enough is enough! I will not let this obsession control me anymore. I've been writing encouragement on my mirrors, putting elastic bands around my fingers, etc., anything to try and stop. Anyone out there willing to join me? I want to journal this on here, share my progress and all that. Knowing others are trying to stop with me would certainly motivate me to stop. I'm tired of scars all over my face. When I was 15 my baby sister asked me why I can't stop picking my face. I couldn't think of a reason then and I can't think of a reason today. It ends now. I'm so thankful for this site, I know how hard it is to show your scars (not just face, but body, ears, arms, breasts, legs and back) to the outside world, and how embarassing it is to face the ones who love you. Luckily my bf of nearly 2 years (whom I live with) is extremely supportive and is also helping me stop. Picking is a very frustrating, annoying cycle.....I share your pain. I didnt leave the house today--couldn't even face my roomies--because I picked the crap outta my chin yesterday.... it always feels like there's "dirty" stuff inside my face even after I clean & scrub, even though I know there isn't. But enough of me ranting. I will keep updating on my progress, I can beat this thing! :) And so can all of YOU! <3 xxoo
6 Answers
August 23, 2011
Day Two has begun, I feel great about day one, no picking, not even once. Felt the "urge" to pick, but I didn't let myself. I feel more motivated to continue. Will keep...myself posted lol
August 23, 2011

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Helpful hint: I placed an elastic band around my pointer finger and the next two fingers (like a figure 8). It helps me relieve stress instead of picking, I just slap the band lightly on my fingers. Working great!
August 24, 2011
Hi never giving up For maybe the last year ive started to realize that my routine face picking might be compulsory behaviour. And i learnt about this dermatillomania today and feel like it all makes sense. For me its been going on for about 5 years, mostly unnoticed, but today it stops! Theres no way i could talk to my family or froends about this and ive been trying to stop for the last year on my own wothout much success. Hopefully this forum will give me the support i need.
August 25, 2011
Hi, I m from Argentina. I entered this site when looking for a way to finally stop this habit I consider my curse. I ve been doing it since i was 13 and i m 19 now. This problem affects my family, I cant attend university and these days I ve been refusing to see my boyfriend because of the damage I ve made to my face some days ago. How is your plan going on? you haven´t posted anymore , It would really help me for us 'reporting' every day how we are going!
August 25, 2011
Can I borrow some of your encouragement? I've had this problem since I was a little kid. It's gotten to the point that I'm covered in scars and it's impossble to hide!!
August 26, 2011
its day 3 for me and its going well. my face is healing well ( i used elizabeth arden 8 hour cream) and for the first day i wore sunglasses round the house as its harder to see your reflection and you generally feel "safe" behind shades. but generally keeping bathroom visits short and avoiding mirrors as muchas i can. just knowing that ive identified the problem has given me such a boost. day 3 and still going strong. wish me luck for 30 days :). best wishes, Sunny xoxo

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