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Eateasy , 26 Aug 2011

Skin picking and eating - I'm still here!

I am 31 years old and have picked and ate my skin since I can remember. Honestly I can't remember a time that I didn't do this. But I never thought about it like a "disease". Don't get me wrong, I always felt awkward around friends and family about my feet and hands. It's actually kind of funny to me that over all the years people have made excuses for me; "it's eczema", "it's not that bad", "noone notices". Ha. So why am I here? I have picked and ate my fingers down to the nuckle. I have ate so many layers off the bottom of my feet that I limp sometimes at work because the bottom of my feet are raw. But I don't feel "weird". Picking makes me feel...better. I understand that it's not "normal" and that some people just don't understand. But makes living life that much easier. My affliction isn't as bad as it could be. I know that. But if you pick at your feet and hands please take my word for's not that bad. My profession requires me to use my hands constantly. And the red, scared tips have never slowed me down. If you can't stop like me, don't lose hope. There are people that will love you...even after they see your hands and feet up close. There are friends and employers that don't give a shit. You are not alone. And you can be successful and function in "normal" society without being "re-programmed". You are beautiful the way you are. If picking make you feel me....then do it. And don't be ashamed.
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August 28, 2011
Hello eateasy, I am 22 and have a problem very similar to yours but never really told anyone. I peel the skin off my fingers and lips when they are dry and i eat it. The bigger the piece i peel, the better. I just feel so accomplished after i do it but i know its so detremental (sp?). Ive been picking my lips nonstop since i was a child. I picked my fingers as well but stopped within the last couple of years when i started getting acrylic on my fingernails regularly. But with my recent acceptance to a nursing program, tattoos, piercings along with artificial nails are prohibited so i was forced to remove them. Now my finger peeling habit is back in full force. I am worried because with nursing clinicals starting soon, i will be doing patient care and i can be denied the right to give care by my instructor due to all of the open skin on my hands. It is a portal of entry for organisms and i can get sick and/or make a patient sick(er). My habit has never interfered with my lifestyle before but it is now, thats why im worried. I need to know there are more ppl out there like me! Please write!!

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