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leelee953 , 31 Aug 2011

What to use for open sores

I have been picking and picking and picking I do good all day then as the night goes on either at my desk at work or once home watching tv or the good old bathroom break I start squeezing the sores with scabs a little pus comes out and of course loosens the scab so they of course have to come off. So in the morning and at night I have been putting jojoba oil on and then using HPA lanolin on it. It has kind of been working just the scabs are not good ones just crusty and flimsy. I need some of these sores to close and I need to make my self stop bothering them. I bought today California Baby Caledula Cream says its good for insect bites, cuts acne so I figure its worth a try of I could get the picts to post here I would show you what I am working with. I HATE looking in the mirror and I have been on 20mg of fluoxetine oral for a month when should that start helping me if its going to. I do not want to get infected and have these sores on my stomach, breasts, back and right upper arm any suggestions
1 Answer
August 31, 2011
Hey, I normally use Savlon for sores on my face, I put it on in a big blob so I don't touch the scabs underneath! I have the same problem of being 'good' all day and ruining it in the evening :(

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