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pick2mysoul , 31 Aug 2011

Even my cat "picks"

I just wrote my first post, but thought I'd also add that even my pets have picked up on my anxiety. My cat has been obsessively licking (the poor guy is going bald from his midsection to his butt) and my dog suffers from separation anxiety (whines and cries and digs holes in the dirt), so to the vet I go for meds or behavior modification...... It is really weird to me. I guess I reak of anxiety........ or maybe it is like a virus that spreads! ;) (sorry, just trying to add a little humor to a serious situation). So I guess what I now realize is that this is a serious issue that I definitely need to address. Thank you for reading and I am thankful for this website and for all of your posts. I admire all of you and think that you are very courageous.

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