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oneofeach , 02 Sep 2011

Calling all Mummas and Mummas To Be!

Hi there, I am 31 now but started picking when I was 16. Just over 8 months ago I gave birth to my son. I now have 1 Daughter - 4 years old and 1 Son - 8 months old. Several months after my daughter was born, I posted on the SPOM (Stop Picking On Me) Forum about Pregnancy + Picking experience. In summary - my picking reduced DRAMATICALLY, the urge reduced DRAMATICALLY, while I was pregnant with her, and I was curious to see if the same thing happened 2nd time round. did! Important: During my 2 pregnancies has been the ONLY time/s in my life (since starting picking) that I have reduced picking down to an 'acceptable' level, where the urges and picking sessions were greatly reduced and where I have been able to quickly stop myself from picking (if a session ever did start). It is the only time/s that I felt 'free' and that I wasn't living with this horrible illness. So I wish that this could be explored/researched. I don't know if I have the resources to do it but I thought that maybe I could start by simply seeing if other Mums or Mums To Be have had the same/similar experience?? Thankyou for reading!
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September 09, 2011
Are there no Mums in here? :( I'd like to hear from you either way, whether your picking reduced or not during your pregnancy... I would love for some research to be done into this condition to see if one possible cause is not psychologically based but rather physiologically based. I just can't help thinking/wondering.... this condition is so prevalent amongst women. It often starts in teenage-hood when hormones are rife and then (in my latest experiences) tapers off greatly when pregnant (where hormones are majorly involved again). I do hope to hear from some ladies soon! :)
September 09, 2011

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I had a similar experience during my pregnancy. But I was also on an anti-anxiety at the time (before they made a connection that many of them cause cleft lip and palate. I still feel guilty about that, but I wouldn't trade my cleftie son for anything.) Anyway, though I did notice the urge basically went away when I was pregnant, it really only came back full force when my medication stopped working. Now that I'm trying to find a new med, I'm having lots of trouble again. The pregnancy break was nice, but a good, solid medication works just as well for me.
September 10, 2011
When I was pregnant with my daughter (approx 5 years ago) I had a decreased urge to pick. However while pregnant with my son, (two years ago) I picked quite a bit. I relate it to the increased anxiety during my second pregnancy.

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