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phmdgr , 02 Sep 2011

what is this growing substance?

I scratch or pick at areas and often a tiny bit of puss may come out if it acne or sometimes it may just be a tiny bump that itches and I. Will scratch it away but it will grow back larger. With no pore to escape out from due the scratched area now becoming scar tissue the mass continues to grow under my skin and I can't ignore it and pick it out. The cycle continues. And the problem area from the picking grows larger and becomes a dime size patch area that I pick but the ugly cyle continues. Accutanne and antibiotics don't even destroy these problem areas. I know I need to stop picking in the first place but another major issue is getting rid of these problem areas.
3 Answers
September 06, 2011
sounds like a cystic pimple...or maybe an ingrown, because those don't go away if the hair remains trapped under the skin. I've found touching bumps like this make it worse, i think it may just spread bacteria, and make the skin more prone to more coming up...make sure the area is disinfected if you are touching it, if you can see a doctor about it to help it go away... but try and be patient.... remember picking at it won't make them go away faster, try reminding yourself whenever you get the urge to pick at it...
September 09, 2011

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Sounds easy but it's obsession. The diagnosis is skin picking disorder or read on Google for Morgellons desease. There's no cure, I'm afraid but try to build up your immune system with diet and exercise. It could help keep the symptoms down
September 09, 2011

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Wow, never heard of morgellons desease and have not had a chance to read up on it but the pictures look a lot like my condition. what is your background to have diagnosed this off of my brief description?. Thanks for replying.

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