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Kbakerink , 04 Sep 2011

Vitamin B deficiency and picking

Okay so, I'm 18 years old and I have been picking my skin ever since i was 11. It didn't become compulsive until about 3 years ago. I have both Candida and a vitamin b deficiency. I get vitamin b shots once a week. I stop pickin as soon as I get the injections, but as soon as it wears off I start picking again! Does anyone who picks their skin have a vitamin b deficiency? It really sucks to have a vitamin b deficiency, mainly because of the pains you get in your body, and being extremly fatigued. Also, I have picked my skin less since I went on the anti-Candida diet.
2 Answers
September 05, 2011
I have read studies done at Israeli university a few years back where b8 deficiency was shown to correlate with depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsions. So yes, vitamin b supplements, especially b8 which is supposed to be self produced(sometimes not enough) should help in some cases. Good catch
September 05, 2011
Well that does make perfect sense--healthy body=healthy mind. They both work together. I never made the correlation before but reading makes total sense. Maybe this is the key to stopping the addiction: take care of your physical self and your psychological self will follow!

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