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kitty kitty , 04 Sep 2011

Scab picking

I hope I'm in the right place, but I'm afraid I may be the sickest kitty in the litter. I've been picking (and eating) scabs for as long as I can remember. I've read that for most people it starts in their teens but I know I was doing it much earlier than that. I have some (embarrassing) questions I'd like to ask. One, do any of you ever give yourselves abrasions in order to get a scab to pick? I know some pickers are also cutters, but I'm talking about giving oneself a wound specifically so it will scab over for picking. I'm also absolutely certain that my addiction to scab picking is somehow related to my sexual behavior. I'm not exactly sure how to explain that but it's true in my case. Is that unheard of? Also, whenever I've had stitches for any reason, I've also found it very hard to leave those alone. Is that true for any of you or am I just sicker than most?
3 Answers
September 04, 2011
Hi hope your well, why do you think its related to your sexual behaviour, thanks smiler x
kitty kitty
September 05, 2011

In reply to by smiler

Hard to say. Without going into detail, my relationships are always dysfunctional and abusive, but they're the ones I seek out. Like picking, I can't resist it, but then I always feel bad afterward. And then I do it again. All I meant by the comment about sex is that whatever it is that makes me abuse my skin also makes me abuse myself in other ways, sexual relations being the most frequent way. I think they are related. Also, the desire to do either feels the same to me.
September 08, 2011
I have been a picker since early childhood. I often will start scratching a spot where there is nothing just to create something to pick at. I have scabs that have been there for months and won't heal because I pick. After so long it will make a raised scar that kinda looks like a wart and I will pick that off too. I have several raised scars this has happened to. I believe my picking is directly related to sexual behavior. You are not sicker than most. I think you are just like most of us. I eat the scabs too.

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