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bas , 05 Sep 2011

Back Again My Friends

I have not been on these forums since 2008 or early 2009. I was clean for a while and now I have relapsed to a much lesser degree. I have learned a lot about my picking, picking in general and I have realized that it is a more widespread problem than I had previously thought. We are everywhere hehe. I also realized that I pick when I am stressed but also when I am bored and as a method of procrastination. (seemingly impossible to avoid it) but I also learned many methods of handling it, controlling it and if necessary keeping the damage to a minimum and to low visibility areas of the body. I am almost finished with a degree is psychology and sociology double major and have done plenty of research on this subject. Since I left the forums I have joined the army, traveled a lot and delved deeply into my soul and when I found myself I accepted my self. I pick and I am proud and I have it under control. The picking has an ethos of its own and it can serve to teach us valuable lessons about yourself. Feel free to ask me anything and I will try to answer to my best knowledge. As always, stay strong friends.

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