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amgoingtochange , 05 Sep 2011

How are you all getting on? i have quit constant picking!

hi everyone! I first posted on this site in july and i just wanted to come on to say that it is possible to stop picking. i have still covered all my mirrors with a calendar and some toothpaste AND i only use dim lighting. i still have my days wher i look in mirror and squeeze the odd one but the trance like sessions in front of mirror have stopped. i think the main thing that helped me was covering the mirror cos wen i cant see imperfections i cant pick them!! how are u all getting on?
2 Answers
September 05, 2011
I don't believe most pickers need a mirror to pick...I certainly don't. But glad you are doing well.
September 10, 2011

In reply to by Valerie

Well done! I tried covering up mirrors a while back, as it's my face picking that really bothers me, but unfortunately Ive always lived with other people (i.e. who dont know about the picking) so I only really managed it for a while by saying I was trying to stop being so vain! It's hard :/ Glad someone's getting better!

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