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Valerie , 05 Sep 2011

Summary of Me and My Battle

So I am thinking of going to a therapist who specializes in skin picking. My story...hmmm. Well, I like many of you deal with depression...I am a perfectionist...and I deal with low self-esteem. I pick when I'm bored because I want to do something productive. I pick when I'm busy because I would rather not be doing what I'm doing. I pick when I feel down. I pick when I'm excited. I pick when I'm nervous. I pick when I'm unsatisfied. I pick when I'm satisfied. Therefore, the triggers are hard to button down. Nothing is working. Last weekend I had two consecutive days where I did no picking at all. I was very excited about that. My spots: under the chin, on the top of my forehead, the back of my neck, my back, my arms, my thighs, my feet, my left earlobe, my shoulders, inside my ear right ear. It's cosmetically not a cool habit. And it hurts when I take a shower. My skin is tired of needs a break. I feel bad that I'm misusing the largest organ of the body..the most visible. And yet I'm so concerned about what goes inside my other organs. Okay, so this is not my story..but it's the results of my story. I won't it to stop..and I will find a way for it to stop and I will share it with you. I also must read the book! Would love to hear from you guys too.

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