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maddykins , 07 Sep 2011

Anyone from the UK?

Hi all. Have been a skin picker from as early as I can remember and I am 42 now!!!! No better!!!! lol. Haven't been on the site for a while and was previously emailing two people from here to chat about our problems but haven't heard from them for a long time. Would love to chat to fellow sufferers in the UK so anyone fancy chatting and try to make sense of our horrible picking. I would love to meet up with someone like me so we can compare scars and spots!!!!! Lol. I pick mainly arms but also boobs, bum, legs, face and anywhere I see a blemish!!!! lol. Be great to here from you. Let me know where you live in the UK and your email address and lets support each other. Oh I live in Burton on Trent. Take care all x

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