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Sunny , 08 Sep 2011


Found out about this disorder about two weeks ago and then went 12 days cold turkey. As each day went by I felt more and more in control, but then I got some really big zits and at first I did well to ignore but it was all I could think about. This morning I just completely lost it and even attacked all the little imperfections that I had felt totally in control of before. Now my face looks awful and I hate myself. I'm in hiding. I just can't seem to stop when I get in this "trance". But I'm not gonna give up, my skin was looking great after about 8 days. Day one
2 Answers
September 09, 2011
Don't be so hard on yourself. This is an addiction, and like any other addiction, it's not a matter of willpower. You are not weak because you couldn't beat it without help. Are you seeing a counselor? Are you on any medications? You may not be able to beat this alone, but you have the power to get help.
September 15, 2011

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You do have the power to get help. I went to group therapy for anxiety and It was just comforting to be in a room with other people who pick and it's very important to find the triggers. But often times I pick when I'm bored. I also have major depression but found that some SSRIs help with your brain chemicals to stop impulsive behaviors. I was being treated for depression but it was like a bonus effect that it also helped decrease my need for picking a little. I know people trying to quit smoking will get prescribed wellbutrin. So It's the same type of situation.

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