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alo4jlo , 08 Sep 2011

scars hide my beauty

Im 24 and I can't stop picking... ill pick my face, arms, legs, almost anywhere I see a pimple or anything of that nature. I use tweezers to pick hair out of my legs when im bored. I feel so ashamed and I don't know how to stop. Does anyone have any advice for me?
3 Answers
September 10, 2011
i think we have a lot in common. i'm 24 and constantly pick my face, scalp, arms, back and cuticles. I cannot get through the day without bleeding on some part of my body. i have also wasted hours with tweezers pulling out hairs or stubble. sadly, i get a lot of satisfaction out of it. it's pathetic. i get into a trance where i have no awareness of time passing - only the relief i feel from picking something. my arms and face are covered in scars. one thing i have tried to do to about this problem is carrying essential oils with me - so when i have the urge to pick, i rub nice smelling oil on my skin instead. don't know if this is helpful, but its a start. you're not alone.
September 15, 2011
I used to be a severe picker mainly because of acne. And once I had that scab from picking the acne it just turned into a cycle. But I also pick at things that aren't even there. For some reason I'll see a tiny bump that I'm sure if I asked anybody they'd say they don't even see it. But I can't let it stay there so I scratch it off. I've sat for hours picking at every scab with tweezers and even using a pocket knife to cut out a tiny mole. Also any ingrown hair on my legs I see as something to pick at so I end up with a ton of tiny scabs all on my thighs and legs. It's a habit that is extremely hard to stop but I wear spinner rings to keep my hands busy and I know that right when I get out of the shower I pick the most. So I get dressed right away and try not to "inspect" for anything else to pick. Also for picking my face I stay away from mirrors or I stand at a long enough distance so I can still fix my hair or anything else I need to do. Even with these techniques I still pick a lot. But It helps to slowly decrease the amount of picking. It just takes a LOT of time unfortunately. And a lot of brainpower.
September 15, 2011
Thank your so much for reply, I will tweeze any ingrown hair in my bikini area, legs, knees... everywhere. My boyfriend is constantly screaming at me about it and I don't even being to try and explain to him. I will try spinner rings and also oils and see what kind of result I can get! Thank you! :)

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