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avdanco , 15 Sep 2011

The image of Cured

The image of Cured 1 Cured is the person who has reduced compulsive obsessive thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits to the point where they do not exist at all or where he/she is consciously able to recognize and respond to it in the controllable manner. Which means cured CAN recognize and respond/control compulsive obsessive, destructive thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits before OCICD becomes unconscious action and turns into vicious cycle. Which means cured doesn’t spend any or significant amount of time in daily life on compulsive obsessive thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits. (Able to recognize and control OCICD. As a result OCICD is gone) 2 Cured doesn’t take any medications or use any devices to prevent compulsive obsessive thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits or relapses. (Doesn’t take any medications or external devices/help for OCICD) 3 Cured doesn’t spend any time on attending support meetings or websites which help to deal with compulsive obsessive thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits or relapses, unless to share his/her positive experience of permanent recovery, and inspire others to keep going, and share good attitude toward what they attempt to do. (Doesn’t spend any time on attending support group meetings) 4 All the body parts of Cured, including skin and hair, are not damaged as a result of compulsive obsessive destructive thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits. All body parts are permanently healed/flourish. (Body parts are fine) 5 The relationships/communications with themselves life and others around Cured are not damaged, as a result of compulsive obsessive destructive thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits. The relationships with themselves life and others around are flourish and prosper. (Fine within and without) 6 Cured is satisfied by relationships with themselves life, communications, and others around. Can consciously/nonjudgmentaly accept themselves, life, situations, and others around without relapses and slipping back to compulsive obsessive destructive thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits. (Doesn’t have relapses) 7 Can confidently handle him/herself, thoughts/urges/impulses/behaviors/habits, and communications, with others around, on daily basis or during tough and challenging situations or unhappy events in his /her life. (Takes charge of his/her mind--and of his/her life)
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October 04, 2011
I have had a LOT of luck with the amino acid N-acetyl cysteine, which is sometimes sold as N-acetyl L-cysteine, for my 11-year-old daughter who severely picks her skin (arms and legs). I'm hoping that everyone on this group will check it out. We started out at 1200mg each day, 600mg in the morning and 600mg in the evening. Then we worked up to 2400mg, 1200 mg in the morning and 1200 mg in the evening, within about 3 or 4 weeks. The study that was done in 2009 showed the best results were after 9 weeks of continuous treatment with this amino acid, also just known as NAC. We saw great results after 6 weeks. Please consider trying it. I am not a doctor, so please weigh out the risks for yourself. It has truly been a godsend. My daughter used to pick to the point of staph infections. She has scars all over her body. It works by regulating the URGE to pick. You can download the summary text of the 2009 study on this website - The study was for hair-pulling, but skin-picking and nail-biting result from similar sets of urges.

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