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Grace , 19 Sep 2011

Need to confess

I've spent the last 15 years struggling with this urge to pick at my acne. Truth is that my skin would be beautiful if I didn't mutilate it. I know it's wrong to pick at my skin and I've managed to keep it hidden by only picking at my shoulders and back. But I think I've been trying to hide it for so long that I have been keeping myself from admitting the truth. I have a problem and it's my responsibility to fight it. As long as I excuse myself by saying "I just have bad acne" or tell my husband that I scratch in my sleep, I fail to take ownership and continue to placate myself as the victim. It's like I'm in an abusive relationship, only I am the abuser as well as the abused. I'm so tired of this. I want to be able to swim without embarrassment and not limit my wardrobe selection to items with sleeves. More than anything I want to be the beautiful wife that my husband deserves. I'm finally taking the first step and admitting I have a problem. I'm not comfortable enough to admit this to my friends or family, but I feel that I must confess this to someone. So if you are reading this, thank you! This is my confession... My first step towards healing.
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September 20, 2011
I couldn't agree more with you. I've always picked at the moderate acne on my face and back, but over the past year it has gotten incredibly worse. Like you, I know my skin would be much more clear, and I may even be able to go without wearing make up, if I would stop picking at it. And like you, I've never confessed this to anyone. Until tonight, when I found this website out of desperation, I didn't realize this was a problem that others suffered from. I thought it was just me, lacking the control to stop. Thank you so much for your confession. I suppose I too am confessing tonight. I pray almost daily for the strength to stop, but hopefully now, after finding others like you who are willing to share their stories, I can find a way. Thank you again!
September 23, 2011

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have you guys tried watching the movie "black swan"? there is a situation there wherein the girl keep on picking her skin which sometimes lead to bleeding which I guess not normal. I can't say I know how you guys feel since I'm not really in the situation you're into but I'm pretty sure there is always someone out there who can help you. Why don't you guys try consulting a psychologist, it may cost you an installment loans but I'm pretty sure it's worth it. I'm sorry if it may sound rude to you but I guess what you guys experience is somewhat related to OCD which get's even worse when you are under stressed or anxious. This one may not be easy but acceptance of the situation will be a great help. Good luck to you folks and I'll be praying that you'll get over it soon.
September 21, 2011
I pick at my chest, stomach and back when i want to avoid my face, i understand what you mean. i have a normal body but can't wear nice swim suits without makeup. you're not alone.
September 23, 2011
I am a picker and have been picking for about 5 years, I feel everyone's pain that is in the same situation. It seem like when I stop for a few months I break out on my back face neck chest and arms, or get bit by an insect of some sort, and start scratching. I don't feel sexy for my husband. I hate this I try to stop but it's always something. My skin was clear and soft. I would always get compliments on how soft and beautiful my skin was. Now I don't even want to take my clothes off for my husband. I just want to beautiful again. I thought I was the only one that did this until I started researching about this a year ago. When the picking started on my back and neck. I so relieved that I'm not only one and hopefully we all can help each other and help us get back to being confident and beautiful to world. I'm tired of not being able to wear short sleeves, dresses with the back out and low cut tops. I just wish there is something out there than can help us. I always tell myself when I have the urge, NO NO DON'T DESTROY YOURSELF, because that's what i feel like I'm doing. I hope I will stop soon!!
October 04, 2011
I have had a LOT of luck with the amino acid N-acetyl cysteine, which is sometimes sold as N-acetyl L-cysteine, for my 11-year-old daughter who severely picks her skin (arms and legs). I'm hoping that everyone on this group will check it out. We started out at 1200mg each day, 600mg in the morning and 600mg in the evening. Then we worked up to 2400mg, 1200 mg in the morning and 1200 mg in the evening, within about 3 or 4 weeks. The study that was done in 2009 showed the best results were after 9 weeks of continuous treatment with this amino acid, also just known as NAC. We saw great results after 6 weeks. Please consider trying it. I am not a doctor, so please weigh out the risks for yourself. It has truly been a godsend. My daughter used to pick to the point of staph infections. She has scars all over her body. It works by regulating the URGE to pick. You can download the summary text of the 2009 study on this website - The study was for hair-pulling, but skin-picking and nail-biting result from similar sets of urges.

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