I pick and I'm worried my kids will start too

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November 24, 2008

Hi. My take on this is that it's not hereditary. I believe that nervousness and anxiety can be hereditary, of which picking is usu be a symptom. I notice that my mother tends to pick at her ears and sometimes her scalp. My experience w/my son is that during his growing up years he saw me doing this maniacal thing and how it destroyed my skin and our social life. At times I would even try to pick at either his skin or my husband's. His reaction was one of disgust and has actually never picked himself. His is now 20 and has beautiful skin. While it certainly traumatized him as a child, he now seems to understand that I have a serious impulse control disorder and is more compassionate as a result. Perhaps the best thing w/young children is to convey that it's unacceptable behavior so that they don't develop the habit early on. It probably feels good to have someone else do the scratching for us, but in the case of children I think that it will only foster an obsession of their own. For very itchy skin which inevitably makes me scratch and pick, I've found that applying an anti-itching powder or cream over these areas really helps. I noticed too that since I have very dry skin to begin with, I tend not to have too hot of a shower which only serves to dry out the skin more. If I do decide to have a nice hot bubble bath, I pour in epsom salts which seems to not only relax the muscles but also help to heal the sores. My biggest challenge right now is to get through a shower w/o removing every scab during it, which is a very difficult thing due to the very nature of it. It's the one time our hands MUST travel over our body just in order to keep ourselves clean, and as the scabs get wet they tend to slough off anyways. I'm used to zoning out in the shower for as much as 20-30 min or until all the hot water is used up. Now I've decided that I must be in and out of the shower w/in 10 min or so; otherwise I'm at my own mercy. It's hard to stay focused but I'm working on it. Do the rest of you find this a challenge too?

December 13, 2008

unfortunately, yes it is hereditary, also it can be affected by environment. get help NOW or your kids will have the same fate!I have a 19 month old girl, too. She "pretends" to pick y husbands back because she watches me tear him up. I've done lots of research the last few weeks, and apparently most people begin picking in adolescence or childhood. I am going to make my New Year's Resolution tom sto picking, but I'm also gonna see a therapist hopefully in January. I am a 5 year veteran.