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rompromp90210 , 11 Oct 2011

New here

Hey everybody! I'm 17 years old and a girl. I haven't been diagnosed with Dermatillomania because I'm too embarrassed to show anybody what I do. I've been picking since I was very little, I also tried to commit suicide when I was younger (I was very depressed). I'm better now, never went to counseling or therapy or anything. I used to bite my nails constantly too but when I got braces, I stopped. Yet, I still pick. - It started with these 2 spots on my leg which I attacked for years and my parents always wondered why they never healed up. Finally, my ex-bf convinced me to keep them covered (which was easy because nobody would see the bandages) and now they are healed up. - I have this one spot on my scalp which I pick at sometimes but the real problem is the inside of my thumbs. It's mainly my right thumb, which I pick at so much that sometimes it bleeds. Sometimes, my thumbs become swollen. I don't even realize I'm doing it until it starts to hurt then I stop myself and start again, without noticing. I've tried to keep bandaids on them but after a few weeks, people wonder what the hell is wrong with you... and the excuse that my cat scratched me or I cut myself cooking doesn't work that long... - Does anybody do anything like this? With their thumbs? Any way I can stop this ugly habit? Any advice? Thanks!
2 Answers
October 11, 2011
I guess I'm not the perfect person to be giving advice, since I've been picking at my face for over ten years now, but not telling people doesn't help the situation. I've found that the more people I include in my journey to get better, the closer I get to success. It's REALLY embarrassing to admit a problem like this, but if you let your close family and friends know, then they can help you be accountable. Also, you could wear plastic gloves in the house and car, and it really helps (I do this so that when my finger automatically reaches up to pick my face it can't). I have promised my husband to tell him when I have picked, he asks me every day, and on days that I didn't make it he is supportive. In the beginning when I wasn't being successful at all, he told me that I had to do something else and pushed me to join a support forum. Try wearing those one time plastic gloves and see how that works. You can do this! At your age I didn't even know that I had a problem, so you're in a better position that most at your age with this problem.
proud mum
October 14, 2011
I have tried everything to stop picking my face ,like you say you go into a trance im so ashamed , Itry so hard not to by cutting my nails so short i cant pick , but i find tweezers ,Ihave to get rid rid if any rough bits but only succeed in making the sore bigger . I know strees and boredom is the key but now i know im slipping into a depression , I always thought i was the only one who did this and would get really up set . im going to see my daughter in 4 weeks and id love for once not to have a scab on my face , i find it hard to make eye contact with people as i feel there looking at my skin all the time so much so i dont go out much and have lost all my confidence I wish i could just say STOP and it will go away but it never does it gradually creeps back no matter how hard i try HELP !!!

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