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NiceOnTheIce , 12 Oct 2011

Cure for flat white scars?

Does anyone know how to get rid of flat white/pinkish scars? My skin is naturally bronze and I have keratosis pilaris on my arms. I have been picking at the bumps for a few years now, creating acne-like infections all over my arms. I do sometimes pick at the scabs, but not always, yet lately when the scabs come off they leave a flat white/pinkish scar on my skin. I have a lot of scars now and would love to get rid of them, any ideas? Thank you in advance :)
12 Answers
October 14, 2011
all you can do is wait and it can help to put vitamin E oil (or Bio oil) on them but probably not on the face because I did once and it clogged my pores up something bad! once I had scabs all over my legs and kept picking at them and it left the same flat white scars you are talking about, but they went away eventually.
October 18, 2011

In reply to by lea14

My only worry is that the oil will irritate my current spots... which is probably exactly what will happen. Did Bio-Oil/Vitamin E oil work for you? (Other than on your face.) I know time is probably the best medicine for scars but I'd like to get rid of them before I visit my family at Christmastime...
October 20, 2011

In reply to by NiceOnTheIce

well I actually didn't put anything at all on the ones on my legs and they went away completely because I stopped touching them. BUT yeah vitamin E actually does work. I bought the pure Vitamin E capsules from the chemist (Blackmores brand) that you are supposed to take orally - but just popped them with a pin and then squeezed it on the scars - these are the ones on my face. It did work - but like I said it clogged my pores as well. It stinks! so it must be good haha. I haven't used Bio-oil but thats just what everyone recommends - I would go with Vitamin E oil personally. Vitamin E, a bit of sun, NO TOUCHING and time will definitely help them go away. They WILL be gone by christmas if you don't scratch at them or anything.
October 22, 2011
Unfortunately those scars may not completely go, but massaging moisturiser/bio oil into them regularly and keeping them out of the sun will help them to fade. I saw a plastic surgeon recently about my scars and he said there is a 1-2 year period where scars are still recovering and getting paler, so they may improve a lot on their own.
October 23, 2011
Hi! I have a major concern about scarring too, so I know just how you feel. Goes without saying I need to stop picking for anything to have a good effect, but I got this Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula 'Skin Therapy Oil' (I live in the UK and I have no idea if you can get it outside the UK if that's where you are, if not I bet theres something similar) and it's supposed to be a good treatment for scars, damaged skin and uneven skintone to quote a few things from the bottle. When ive used it, i've never really noticed it clog my pores up much, and it makes your skin feel really good - plus it smells like tasty goodness. My secret hope is that one day I can turn a compulsion to pick into a compulsion to just rub a little of this nice stuff on my skin instead...
October 26, 2011

In reply to by animator_1

It's unfortunate, there are quite a few things they sell in the UK or the States that you can't get in Canada. Will be shopping around for products to rid of scars after I stop picking for long enough to actually use the stuff! (I'm actually just starting Day 6 of my 30 Day Challenge, I have not picked for 5 days! If you would like to join us, just post a comment in the forum topic called "30 Day Challenge! Join in!) Make sure to let me know how that Skin Therapy Oil works for you!
October 27, 2011

In reply to by NiceOnTheIce

Hi! I am just finishing day 4 myself and all clear so far! The skin therapy oil - Im still using it on my arms and breasts but am trying out stopping it on my thighs. I was using it there to help with stretch marks as this is what it's known best for, however I think it might be causing me to get spots there now as well - I have never had this before so unless its the medication i'm taking which is meant to stop spots appearing, this must be linked to me using the oil more frequently. So I'm going to see if they go away if I stop using the oil there, which is a pain as I'd like to work on the stretches - but at the end of the day I can't pick a few little stretch marks! im the same as you, i have to stop picking for long enough to start to work on the scars effectively too. Been doing well so far just got to keep going! A thing that I do like to use and find that it does work, in its own way, is toner because it dries my skin out (even though it says it's not supposed to but imo i prefer that it does) and means that more recent spots don't look so red and 'die' quicker. It might also mean that the scar skin will dry out and come off quicker as well. Im using it every day and hoping to see some sort of difference by the end of day 30.
February 21, 2013
i have the same problem. i have coco butter and i will try that. i am currently a cheerleader and i am scared that the scars will never go away. they are mainly on my forearms and nomatter how much i try to stop, i feel compelled to pick them! are there any ways to avoid picking and stop for good as well as another quicker non store bought way to get rid of the scars?
August 02, 2013
Hey so I have scars from scabs on my legs and they look like white shiny dots and I've been using bi oil lately for I think about 3 weeks and I think I've seen a very slight difference but do u think they will go away if I keep using them for like 3-6 months because I'm scared they will never go away I use them twice a day.

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