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hOpeful4bettaDayz. , 24 Nov 2008

Soo Happy to have found this site !!

Hi my name is Maria and I too am a picker. I pick at my face onLy. specifically now onLy at my left cheek; because thats where I feel i have all this stuff inside that needs to come out. there was a time when i had scabs all over my face so i do feel i am doing somewhat better but i definitely still pick. Right now i am feeling so anxious to pick but i knoe i need to let the scabs heal! i am so happy to have found this website and all of you who knoe exactly what im going thru ! i feel its soo important for us to be there for one another for we are the only ones who really understand. i have been going to therapy for about a year now and ive been on meds for almost that long as well; and i guess it has helped somewhat but i feel talking to some of you who i can relate with can help more :) my emaiL is i wouLd love to hear from any of you ! :)

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