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offtopic , 16 Oct 2011

finally saw doc for an infected wound

I have a sore on my upper arm and as usual I couldn't leave it alone. It was a tiny little thing that's now the size of a quarter. I kept trying to dig out some tissue and in the process I gave myself a nasty infection that spread into scar tissue from two previous sores. I've had these infections before and just dealt with the pain because I was too scared to go to the doctor to get antibiotics. But the doctor I have now is very compassionate and saw some of my sores two weeks ago when I went in for a physical. She saw the sores on my right breast made a small comment then went on with things. So... after a few days of redness, pain and swelling around the sore I decided to see if she had an open appointment slot Friday and thankfully she did. If not I probably wouldn't have gone in at all because I don't feel like explaining things to someone else and I also don't know how compassionate they would be. My doc has been with me through a very rough and bumpy last two years. Plus, I used to work in a clinic and know how some doctors discount people with mental illness. So I said yes when the scheduler said there was a 9:45am opening. She looked at it and from her reaction I could tell it was very bad. She put on gloves and poked around a bit then asked me if she could draw a line around the border of the redness so I could tell if it was getting worse. I really like how she asked me first if she could do it instead of just doing it. She didn't tell me to stop messing with the scab because she knows it's not something I have control over, yet. Any other doctor who doesn't know my history probably would have told me to not mess with it. She gave me very clear instructions on when to return if needed. When I had my physical two weeks ago she told me how proud she was of me for how far I've come from the first time I saw her. My first visit with her was when I was extremely depressed and anxious. Now, I'm fairly stable, going back to school and looking forward to the future. During that visit I was able to educate her on the difference between OCD and Impulse Control Disorder which made me feel like we really are a team and she values my input. I wish everyone could have a doc as great as Dr. P.

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