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collegestudent , 20 Oct 2011

How to explain my skin picking disorder? I quit, now I have to write about it to get back into college. *PLEASE HELP*

So basically I flunked out of college because 2nd semester my grades were very poor and I never went to class due to my skin picking disorder. I was way too embarassed and depressed. Right now I have to write a petition to get back into school. Since then I have quit picking my skin and really changed my body and life. I quit picking, I quit taking adderall, I started exercising, and watching my weight. Basically I'm doing very well, but I dont even know how to explain this disorder. I dont think they will understand. I would try to lie about why my grades were so poor but I know that the skin picking really controlled my life for a while. Please, any tips on how to begin this letter would be much appreciated.
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October 21, 2011
My first thought is to collect any and all medical documentation signed by a professional (doctor, psychiatrist, etc.) that proves that you were ill, names/describes the disorder, and that shows you took action to get better. That should really help your case. I'm not really sure what else you can do other than tell your story honestly and maybe do some research to give a medical background to what you went through (if you don't have medical documents.) Also, try to reassure them that it won't happen again. I know that it's impossible to predict the future, but you want them to feel like they can count on you to be a "model student" from now on. Good luck.
October 30, 2011
I agree with the previous comment. You also might even refer to this forum to show them the true disease nature of picking. I know I was surprised when I first discovered this sight and realized that everyone, essentially, shared my story - my emotions, my habits, my triggers, all of it. Reading personal stories that all connect with each other, I think, effectively conveys the seriousness of picking and its ability to seriously harm someone's mental state. Good luck, and congratulations on quitting! You're my hero right now :)
November 28, 2011
Hiya, Not sure if it is too late or not but I have a different point of view. I have been honest with a few friends and family members. I have also been honest with medical professionals and paraprofessionals. I have had my honesty paint me into a corner. It is hard for me to get my unrelated medical needs met because people don't understand the disorder... and I am seen as not being a credible witness to my own experience. I would caution you from telling your story in full to your prof. You were going through something painful. That is enough! You don't owe them your story. I am in favour of people not having to keep it a secret, but after recently reading my medical file, I say, learn when and where to protect yourself. Congrats on quitting.. pls share, if you can say what helped!
just me
December 04, 2011
Can you be vague? I hear horror stories about how admitting any mental illness can create real problems down the road. In the age of information, that information doesn't always stay where it should. Could you say you had some personal challenges that triggered a mental illness, that you have now sought help and are thriving again? Maybe get an equally vague not from a medical professional? Or approach a prof directly, if there's one you trust. Maybe tell them more in confidence and ask them to advocate for you saying they now see a huge difference in you?

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