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It's really terrible.

I'm 18 years old, and i don't just pick. I pick and scratch to the point of blood. It always looks like i've been punched in the face and my lips swell increasingly. the area around my nail bed is has all sorts of dried blood. also i pick the thin mucous in the eye that you get in the morning. only i've also become addicted to that. it seems like when i put on chapstick i pick more just to feel the burn. and i lost put my finger over my nail bed just so it can burn. I need someone to help, actually anyone. and my parents think im on drugs and just don't understand this compulsive urge i have.
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October 22, 2011
I'm sorry you're feeling so awful :( It is a very addictive behaviour and it's so hard to stop! Do you have any idea if there are particular times or situations when you pick more? Maybe there are particular things that trigger you. Have you tried speaking to your doctor, or perhaps getting in touch with an anxiety charity? They might be able to give you some support. Maybe if your parents understood what you're going through they might be more sympathetic and be able to help you too.

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