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llaurenx , 28 Nov 2008

So I'm new here..just sharing my story..

I'm Lauren and I'm 16. Since last summer I used cuticle clippers to cut/peel all the skin from the balls of my feet, the space between my big toe and the toe closest to that & the bottoms of my big toes. I also keep my pinky toe nail totally cut off..and it hurts. I also pick my bottom lip until it bleeds - and then I keep picking. (I have even found one littleee piece of skin, kinda like a bubble, that I always want to get off...but it won't come off!) The lip picking is what I do most often. In a close second, I pick my fingertips. Well, I pick all of my fingers except for both ring fingers and both pinky fingers. My thumbs and pointer fingers get most of the attention, I pick them until they are raw and bloody. I had to go to the nurse so many times to get band-aids to stop myself that she just gave me a whole box for myself to keep in my backpack. I also pick my scalp a lot and I'll pick a zit when they come out. If it means anything to everybody, I also have had OCD since I was 8 and anxiety disorder and panic attacks since I was 13. I'm so glad all this has a name and that other people in the world know exactly what I mean when I talk about all this. I'm glad I found this site.
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November 29, 2008
I know exactly where you're coming from, but with the fingers part.

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