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Tati tiger , 26 Oct 2011

Hair root eating disorder

I need help before I go bold !! Help me out !! I'm 15 and I have been pulling out my hair and eating the root, for 3 years now . I stop and then continue . I am a girl so , I don't want to end up bold. Does anyone else do this?? If you ever did and u stopped , feel free to reply and give me some advice on what to do . - thanks , Tati tiger =^_^=
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May 06, 2021

I started pulling my hair in the 6th grades im in the 9th now. Um it all started when i just pulled it and like ate this white part of my hair. Ive been wearing wigs since the 6th grade. Ive been made fun of and yes some dumb kid pulled my wig off. over the years i learned to deal with it and hid it. My parents thought it was a bacteria or a product ive been using in my hair, so i let them believed that. Ive lost friends because of my condition. I would stop then continue again for a period of time. Its harder for me to pull when my hair is oiled so i try to keep it like that, and when i get my nails done its harder to pull out. Till now i have some bald spots on my head still due to me pulling. Idk sometimes i just randomly pull it when im in bed, online school, watching tv. I dont know if its due to anxiety and stress but i know everyone has thats since covid-19. I recently told my parents well they found out i was talking to a consular behind their backs and they werent happy that i didnt tell them. Well now they know and they dont really seem to be taking it serious. Hopefully soon i can overcome this.

May 27, 2021

Hey everyone my names mike and I started pulling my hair when I was 9. My mom was on drugs and my dad was an alcoholic and I guess stress and having OCD is what caused me to start pulling. I would just lay there or sit there in my room mainly before bed at first and just pull for hours and then eventually I started rubbing the roots against my lips and eating then eating the roots. I remember in 4th grade I had a bald spot so huge on the top center of my head and I was so embarrassed I had to tell everyone I tried to cut my hair and screwed it up which ppl didn't fully believe and everyone thought I was just a weird kid which hurt my self esteem and I didn't have many friends because of it, the principal actually let me start wearing my Steelers sock hat to school which helped but then everyone was jealous that I could wear a hat in school and they couldn't. I tried many times to stop but couldn't unless I had my hat on so my dad ended up shaving my head bald. Ever since then I keep my hair short most the time I just shave it all off and when I slack on that and it gets kind enough for me to pull I will still find myself pulling it and eating the roots. If you're a guy I'd reccommend keeping your hair short. For girls it's a bit more of a struggle but you can always try to be aware of when you get the urges and then redirect your energy towards chewing gum, putting a hat on or sleeping with one during the night, go for a walk or call someone to talk. We suffer from what's known as trichotillomania which is Abby anxiety disorder and there's no cure but we can always try to maintain it and not let it get out of control, talk to your parents, find self help groups, find a therapist, just talk about it and don't try to hide it. I'm 26 now and it's taken me this long to realize that this is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about and it can be treated and we don't have to hate ourselves or feel inferior to others. Everyone has problems in life it's always best to talk about it and share your story with others who are younger and feel alone like we all do or did at one point. Good luck to everyone there's plenty of research on how to stop we can all do this!!

July 18, 2021

My name is Alicia I’m 17, I started pulling my hair when I was really young. My mom had known what it was because she had it when she was younger. I would pull constantly and all the time, in school, at home, anywhere. Sometimes I would not stop pulling until I saw a pile of hair. Once I was completely bald at the top I had realized I needed to stop. Once it started growing back in I started to only like pulling the shorter hair. I did eat the ends of the hair, the follicle. I also got into wigs for kids about 3 years ago and it was life changing. I had stopped pulling completely and regrown all of the hair I had pulled. Because of it growing in, I had just gotten used to not pulling. I had over came trich and it’s amazing

July 28, 2021

Abbyy- i tried getting my nails done and keeping my hair wet and it did work for a while. I totally understand going in and out of the habit cause sometimes there’s more stress than during other times.

January 27, 2022

Sadly I started when I was 13 and I have never stopped.I am 24. Today is my first day here and I just  read this and I feel exactly what you feel. I have a bald patch in the middle of my head ..that i still pluck to date. I started it when i was in school, some family issues and out of anxiety I started pulling them out…eating the white root. I even enjoy the pain that comes with pulling out the  hair. I would do anything to stop..sometimesI  just wanna cry and shave my whole head..I start and stop…I need to tell you this..stop plucking your hair dear, find away to get help. Going bald is not nice. It is a great source of my insecurity right now.
I hope you get help. My love goes to you.

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