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luvkitties2 , 02 Nov 2011

Gel covers for fingers

Hey all! I've got an idea to help stop picking...gel covers that are worn on your fingers that are used for separating papers! I found them at Office Depot, but I'm sure almost any office supply store would have them. The ones I bought were about $15 for a box of 10, come in assorted colors/sizes, and are less constricting than gloves (which I find to be too warm to wear indoors). I had to put mine on backwards because, normally, the fingernail is exposed. So far, they are helping a lot and are a visual reminder to not pick, since I tend to do 95% of my picking when watching TV, reading or otherwise idle (in other words, not in front of a mirror).
2 Answers
November 05, 2011
After seeing this post, I decided to give it a try. So far, so good. I couldn't find the fancy colored ones, but at Staples I found some that are similar to thimbles for just like $2.98. I started using them this morning (I often pick at my scalp first thing in the morning) and I have been more conscious of myself and have not picked once yet. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

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