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FemaleOne , 03 Nov 2011

I'm a Picker Too (This is My First Post)

Hello Everybody! I have been coming back and forth to this website for a while now, but haven't decided to post anything up until now. See, I too am a skin picker. It started with the skin around my lips when I was 10 years old and now it has spread to certain areas on my face, arms, nape/scalp area and most recently, my left ear lobe. I have 3 main sores that I continue to pick and one day I caught myself picking without realizing I had been picking. It was almost like I snapped out of a trance or something and made myself stop. It has been so hard for me to stop. I analyze every single piece of skin I pick too, which is just strange I guess especially because each piece I pick off has these little spores it. I find those little spores fascinating, why I don't know. I find myself picking until I bleed and as the skin tries desperately to heal itself, here I come picking at it again a day or two later! I have to stop this madness, I really do and I am finally going to get help. I have Dermatillomania and I am SICK OF IT!
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November 08, 2011
I bought a self-help workbook but I haven't finished doing all the "self work" yet. OH BOY! I stopped reading after a half a dozen posts. The stories are all the same! And mine is no different. ---sigh--- I wondered about the following comment though - don't recall who posted it (sorry). What is the name of the workbook??? My face, arms, and legs look LEPROUS! I have covered my hands in lotion and worn "beauty" gloves to bed; that helps - WHILE I'M SLEEPING! I have Azelex, a prescription cream, that costs around $200 a tube!!!!! It works, but my picking sort of makes it almost worthless. I have also tried using a good moisturizer. It actually helped quite a bit, but finding the balance between moisture and drying out. After a couple days of moisturizing, I break out more! So then there are more to deal with - it's a never-ending cycle. I would LOVE to hear some SOLUTIONS!!! :( My dermatologist gave up (he had no other choice - he's really a great guy) and said I needed to talk to my doctor about relieving some stress. Well, I'm on Zoloft, but the picking has not decreased at all. It is so beyond amazing to me to see how many people have this issue.

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