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blackbears , 07 Nov 2011

New and looking for advice

Hey guys, I just want to say I can't believe how much is out there about this. I have been picking the skin off my fingers and lips for over ten years, I just thought it was some weird habit I had. I didn't realize how serious this was until I saw other posts. I was relieved when I knew I wasn't alone. I guess like a lot of you I am struggling to overcome this bad habit. I really have no idea how to do it though. I have tried to just not do it or stop when I notice what I am doing, but in any event where I get nervous or upset I just have a drive to start picking and can't stop. It leads to my fingers bleeding at time and my nails becoming deformed. Most of all it is just embarrassing. What really worries me is I am in college to become a teacher, and I know I need to stop before I get in a classroom on my own and can't really always hide my hands. I know there is no real easy solution to this problem, as I saw all kinds of different ideas on different websites, but what have other people done to slow down and stop this?

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