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Ayla , 08 Nov 2011

New Here - Chronic pain has led me to pick...

I have only recently discovered that this 'condition' I have, which I initially thought was a peculiarity of mine, is experienced by many other people too, and that it has a name - this at least gives me some sense of relief. I am 23 and have had Dermatillomania (undiagnosed) for at least 8/9 years which I think is strongly linked to the stress and anxiety I get from chronic pain which I have on a daily basis. I like to pop and pick at my skin because it, initially, feels amazing; then of course the guilt kicks in and I feel terrible for what I have done to myself, but despite this I carry on doing it, and the ferocity with which I do it is much greater when my pain is much worse or I am anxious about it. Mostly, I pop the pores and spots on my chest and breasts and shoulders, and more recently my forearms, but, it is the attacking of my breasts that frustrates me the most, especially as I feel so out of control and that I am damaging my 'femininity'. I really don't appreciate the scarring that I am leaving myself, and the tedious wardrobe choices that have to be made to hide the hideous red splodges or wounds. I don't like that I feel ashamed of myself for doing this or that I have probably added to my anxiety by picking. The daily cycle of picking and popping away at my skin destroys my self-esteem, however, having said this, I wouldn't say I was depressed, I have known depression due to a spell of hideous medication and I'm not like that, I generally am a happy, just anxious (and in pain) girl. I know what my triggers are, why I started picking, I just have to learn to stop, because I feel so unattractive with my skin so blemished as it is... Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone else find that picking helps to alleviate other problems such as pain? And, if so, how do you over come picking when you known you can't overcome the pain? Thanks, Ayla x
1 Answer
November 14, 2011
Do you know the cause of your chronic pain? I ask because I have fibromyalgia (an illness in which, basically, the nervous system is far too strong) and OCD, and management of one can seriously help the other. If you don't know the cause of your pain, I really recommend looking into it.

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