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November 09, 2011

i cut my nails really short yesterday and that seems to be helping, everytime i go to touch a spot on my face or pick at it, it doesnt work because my nails are too short. The fact that it doesnt work also makes me conscious that I'm doing it. also, when Im in my room alone (prime time for picking and such) I have been taping my finger tips, this makes it literally impossible to pick or pop. I have even gone out with my fingers taped a few times and if anyone asks I just say I'm trying to stop biting my nails (a little more understandable and less embarassing than picking at skin). Another thing I've been doing is trying to avoid mirrors unless I'm getting ready (makeup, hair etc) or absolutely need to. Avoiding examining skin in bright lighting has been helping me to not touch my skin also. If there is someone you can talk to about your disorder, it really helps. My boyfriend knows about it and I have told him to remind me throughout the day not to pick. This helps because I can tell myself all day long not to pick, but until he says it, it doesnt totally sink in that it is important to other people than myself that I shake this disorder. Lastly, I posted a bunch of encouraging notes on my mirror saying things such as "You are beautiful", "one day at a time", "don't sweat the small stuff" etc as well as a bunch that have stop signs on them to remind me to snap out of it when I get into a picking/popping frenzy. This is day 3 of none to limited picking and these methods have helped tremendously.

November 15, 2011

I have found 3M NexCare's Tegaderm very helpful. It is clear, waterproof and you can cut it down to sizes that you need. Application takes a little getting used to, it's like really sticky saran wrap. I wasted a lot at first. And if you want to you, you can even apply foundation over it. As an added bonus, it is impossible to pick at anything with the Tegaderm on.