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collegestudent , 11 Nov 2011

I quit picking and my skin tone is beautiful now, but i still have some scars. I'm getting laser resurfacing, read please

I have an appointment on november 18th for pixel perfect skin resurfacing. I have to quit smoking by then for the surgery to work. Has anybody ever had this done? I feel like its kinda of dramatic and i don't know if i'm ready for this. Any advice? I know if I had it done I would feel so much better about my skin. I'd really like to do some modeling. I've been told I have the face, but I know my skin is kind of a problem. Help? I can't believe I ruined my beautiful skin like that, its all over now but the scars are still here
3 Answers
November 13, 2011
Pleas update and let me know how this works for you, What type of scarring do you have currently? I currently am doing dermarolling which seems to be positive, have done microdermabrasion which had almost no effect and am interested in laser resurfacing. Keep us updated please!
November 18, 2011

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Okay so I have rolling scars.. like indents in my face. I just had the resurfacing done. If you'd like you can e-mail me, just give me ur e-mail address. The scars are pretty bad so I'm going to need 3-4 treatments. I have my next treatment set up for next month in December so I should def notice improvement by then. Hopefully this works because I really just want nice skin. Skin is so important... so is hair.

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