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chwityhaha , 13 Nov 2011

scalp picking

So this all started when I had a mole removed from my scalp by my dermatologist, he said this is going to form a big scab on your head so try not to pick at it. Great so as you can probably imagine once the scab formed all I wanted to do was pick at it. Now many months later I have scabs all over my scalp because I will feel something that I guess is buildup and pick it until it becomes a scab. It has gotten so bad I think my hair is even starting to thin out because of how irritated it is. I really need to stop and I would love anyones advice/experience. are there any kind of shampoos/treatments that you have found that help them to heal (I've put neosporin on them but it makes my hair greasy) any suggestions to help me quit this disgusting habit?
1 Answer
November 16, 2011
My scalp is a mess right now. I usually get started on it if I don't wash my hair for a day and get a little build up. Scalpicin on the individual spots and coal tar shampoo (like Neutrogena T-gel) helps it heal up a lot faster.

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