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obsession109 , 14 Nov 2011

I am 14 and I have been picking at my legs for 3 years.

I have an addiction where I pick the ingrown hairs after I shave my legs. I use tweezers and sometimes I pick so obssesavly (I know I spelled that wrong) that i begin to bleed, then i pick of the scabs that i create. Its so embarassing when i where shorts and from my knees to my ankles are covered with scabs. Sometimes it gets so bad i can sit there for hours, and i will pick off every single hair on my leg. Is there any one out there that does anything similar? I would really love some help to quit the habbit.
3 Answers
November 15, 2011
I have the same problem. I tried to stop but it didnt work. I tried products for fading put the scars but I just keep starting to pick again. I think it has to do with stress. If u find a solution let me know;)
November 29, 2011
Thank-you for writing this post- i have EXACTLY the same problem and it stops me from doing so much stuff. I don't shave any more- i use these hair removal pads, a bit like sand-paper but much smoother and the circular abrasive action removes the hair. I know it doesn't solve the problem but it does stop in-grown hairs forming- but don't use it until your legs heal a bit or at least avoid those areas. To clear up the damage it needs time, but this spot stuff i got on prescription called zineryt (antibiotic) helps and bio-oil/ moisturiser helps to fade the after marks. Hope this helps a bit :)

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