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kalina88 , 16 Nov 2011

Okay so I am not alone :)

I take medication for anxiety and depression and seem to be in a very good place with my treatment. As a child I continuously picked at my scalp but forgot about it until I recently began again. It started with picking at my legs. My psychiatrist said "just stop" and over time I did. Then the kicker, I started to pick at my scalp, first one place and then more and more. I seem to do it when I am feeling least anxious, go figure? So now what to do. I have tried cutting my nails super short, tying my hair back, promising myself to stop because it actually hurts. Now what?
2 Answers
November 16, 2011
Oh boy. This is crazy. I thought this was just a bad Habbit. Now I feel like I know the source but how to fix this is next. I thought it was just me too!! Good luck. I hope you get well soon
November 17, 2011
Hi, I just joined the forum and made a post before reading this one. We both seem to have gotten the same advice: "Stop." I wish it were so easy. I've considered seeing a psychiatrist about this but I'm afraid that's the only suggestion I'll get. I too pick when anxious.

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