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Sandbox458850 , 16 Nov 2011


So I should be taking meds for OCD. But I forgot to take them for a while and I did fine. But I decided I should probably take them so I did and my picking got worse. Now I'm not taking my meds and I'm doing ok. But I keep having bad reactions to my acne creams and now I have two huge zits and my face is so dry and cracked. It's getting really hard to leave it alone. My face is close to what it used to look like. I'm so depressed. It was looking so good but now it's like impossible to leave my face alone. Also I'm now doing ballet and gymnastics so having to have my hair up makes me really selfconsious. I've just been down and pretty dang disappointed. But I remembered this forum. I haven't been on for so long because I've been doing so well. But I'm heading backwards... Any advice or anyone who can relate help please.

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