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Sandbox458850 , 16 Nov 2011


So I should be taking meds for OCD. But I forgot to take them for a while and I did fine. But I decided I should probably take them so I did and my picking got worse. Now I'm not taking my meds and I'm doing ok. But I keep having bad reactions to my acne creams and now I have two huge zits and my face is so dry and cracked. It's getting really hard to leave it alone. My face is close to what it used to look like. I'm so depressed. It was looking so good but now it's like impossible to leave my face alone. Also I'm now doing ballet and gymnastics so having to have my hair up makes me really selfconsious. I've just been down and pretty dang disappointed. But I remembered this forum. I haven't been on for so long because I've been doing so well. But I'm heading backwards... Any advice or anyone who can relate help please.
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November 17, 2011
this may be advice you've already heard, but here it goes. A couple things I would recommend are: 1. AVOID mirrors. When youre getting ready and such it is understandable, but try not to examine your skin/zits, it will just make you want to pick at them. 2. When you feel like you are about to pick or pop zits put acne cream or polysporin or something on them instead. Its a lot less tempting to pick when there is some form of barrier between your fingers and your skin. 3. When I'm studying, watching tv or driving (times where I'm distracted), tend to pick at my face more. lately, when I realize I'm picking, I will tape my finger tips so that I am physically unable to pick at zits It also makes me aware of how often I am reaching up to touch my face. 4. Try posting pictures of yourself on your mirror from when your skin was at its best to remind you what you want it to look like, and that picking will only drive you further from that goal. 5. Make sure youre moisturizing a lot. Use an oil free gentle moisturizer that won't cause zits. Moisturized skin is healthy skin. The cream that comes with the proactiv kit is nice and gentle. I also like using bio oil when my skin is super dry. Just a small drop of the bio oil combined with your moisturizer should help your dry, cracked skin. ALSO, remember to drink a lot of water! 6. Relapses happen, don't let it get you so down on yourself. Get yourself back on track and learn from your slip ups, itll make you stronger. .. hope that helps at least a bit.

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