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Deb , 20 Nov 2011

For any skin picker - the best remedy l've found - please read!

I came across this website glad that it exists! I started out as a foot picker in my childhood. Like many on here I picked until my foot bled - then had trouble walking - etc. Luckily I grew out of it - I was heavily into sports in high school and college - I think I naturally learned to deal with stress through physical exercise and it was helpful to me. Today I am 45 - and now pick my cuticles. Much like my feet - I pick until they bleed. They look horrible. I end up going around with tons of band aids on my hands. It's embarrassing at work. But what has worked best for me....getting gel treatment on my fingernails! Without anything on my fingers, my nails act as sharp little scissors that easily cut into my skin. But with a full set of gels on my fingertips (available at any salon these days-$75 for full set, then $35 every 2-3 weeks for touchups afterwards) my fingernails become so thick due to the gel that they CANNOT CUT THROUGH SKIN. I've been trying to save money lately and as a result I havent gotten my nails done and my fingers look like hell as a result. But when I do...all picking STOPS. I think Dr.'s should write a script for gels! I think the investment is well worth it. For what I invest in bandaids, plus the mental anquish, plus the amount I gross out people around me everyday... Give it a try...I promise IT WORKS.

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