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Brooklyn718 , 21 Nov 2011

A way to stop

Hey im a 20 year old male from brooklyn been picking for about 10 years, this OCD is one of the worst things I have to deal with. but recently i thought of something so i tried using it. Bandages! So far they have been working. The whole thing with me is that my huge scars would start off as the smallest thing.Mosquito bites.shavings cuts,scratches etc etc,but if you heal the small cut before it gets bigger no scar would come. Give it a try and see what happens :) Also im looking for a female that I could talk to about this stuff with. I think venting could help with the mental behind this OCD Any female btwn 17-28 email me I want to hear your story
1 Answer
November 22, 2011
Hey, I post on my blog about my CSP daily, there are a few of us who share with each other there... come join us if you think it will help. :-)

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