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bronte2 , 21 Nov 2011

Peeling/picking off skin from my legs!

Can someone please HELP! I more so peel layers of skin off my legs (like when you get a really bad sunburn and begin to peel, except im forcing it) rather than pick, but i pick the skin to begin the peeling. I only used to do it on my lower right leg, but now within a year, its my entire legs. I'm so ashamed. Im only 19 and I miss out on so many things that I want to do because of this... I know that if I can get my legs back to as normal as I possibly can that I think ill be able to stop this, I just need to see that little sign of perfection or hope or something that they will go back to normal. Is there some sort of proceedure to help with the healing process? Often after ive peeled skin off the colour is so drastically different to the rest of my skin that I go out into the sun to tan it, and I know this is not a good idea but Im just trying to get back to normal because theres so many things coming up, and summer is pretty much here and I still walk around the house in long pants. :( Can someone please help....

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