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foolishmonkey , 23 Nov 2011

Preventative measure

This is my first post after discovering this site about a week ago. My main fixation is with the picking of my ears, inside and around them and after picking them to the extent that my ears filled with pus that solidified, causing partial deafness (i'm currently using ear drops to treat this and they work just fine), I decided it was time to stop. Willpower isn't my strongest trait ( though im currently working on that too) and after going days sometimes a week without picking, id relapse, begin picking again and regret it. So instead of trusting myself not to pick i intervened by clipping my nails short and filing them down every day. I found this very effective and i havent picked for about a fortnight, mainly because im not effectively able too but also the feel of no nail in my ear reminds me that im trying to stop. This preventative measure has also helped me to stop scratching my scalp (another habit im trying to cut out). Anyway, just thought I'd share my experience and method of trying to break a bad habit. Hope this helps anyone in a similar position to me, its definitely worth a try as i found it really effective.
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December 19, 2011
I find that having short nails just makes it easier to pick 0.o But for anyone who picks their lips try using lipgloss. It makes it hard to pick your lips and if they look nice then you might want to pick them less. I find that using lipgloss from a pot is better than from a tube because it's thicker and stays on longer :)

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