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serena , 23 Nov 2011

completly done with picking but now new problems

I am Serena i haven't been on in a while and its because i am done with picking. and now i go out more and hang out with my friends more but now i have a new problem and its starting to lead me back to my old picking ways and its cutting my wrist at first it was suicide attemps and now its suicide attemps andpicking if any one can help me please comment
2 Answers
danny dopamine
November 26, 2011
Wrist cutting shows that you have deep emotions and caring for other people. This is rare as the majority of humans care only about his or her own self.. Perhaps your heart goes out to people you have sympathy for and you truly believe that others will feel the same way towards you if you show them that your life is hard in some way... I hate to break it to you babe, but a majority of people in this world don't care about you and will turn away from you and think of you as a freak rather than feel sorry for you.. Its just how the world is. You really need to change your mindset.. The only way to get back at the cruel people in the world who have done nothing but brought you down your whole life is to take care of yourself and be the best person that you can be.. In a way its like saying "fuck all you assholes" look at me.. I've learned that the people who do the best in this world are the stuck up selfish, assholes. Notice how the richest people in the world are all assholes? And the people who sincerely care and are honest/law abiding/ genuinely good people. Lose. Life works differently than how you THINK it should. I know it feels wrong, but be the most selfish person you can be. You deserve the best, even if you don't think so or know it yet.
November 27, 2011

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thank you and its really my mom who caused all of this the picking and the cutting but i will move on i only have 5 more years till i get out of this hell whole but till then im just gonna keep my head up high thank you again(: *i will stop*

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