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coldskin , 23 Nov 2011

TIPS THAT I USE 4 (Pimples) but use this method for anything!

try this: 1. Get a piece of graph paper.(they have a lot of squares, but these squares will represent days for us.)-------------------- -fold the paper till it is wallet/pocket sized. Now open the whole paper up. (this just creates sections/fold marks in the paper).---------------------- BUT here is the main concept of this:---------------------------- Right when You wake up in the morning, u will place an x or the number 1, inside one of these squares.------------------------------------- NOW this symbolizes, that for the whole day until you go back to sleep and wake back up again u will NOT pick.----------------------------------- So this number "one or x" is your first day of not picking.------------------------- When u wake back up again next morning u put a number two/x.. symbolizing the second day of refraining from picking.------------------------------ U KEEP THIS GRAPH PAPER WITH U ALL TIMES, IN WALLET, POCKET.------------------------------- THIS IS MAKING YOURSELF NOT PICK "A DAY AT A TIME."---------------------- UNTIL THE SKIN CONDITION IS GONE!----------------------------------- so get the graph paper, put a one in the first square. U can stop for a day.------------------------ Then next day, put a 2 in the square. U can stop for a day--------------------------. Then next day, put a 3 in the square. U can stop for a day.-------------------------- keep doing this.-----------------------.. (These are some other options that Ive tried) SAY THIS TO YOURSELF MENTALLY : "That's it! Starting right now this day I'm not gonna pick! I'm not gonna look at my skin to make myself pick, I'm gonna keep my hands OFF." or Get a piece of paper & write, or even type a "declaration" stating that ur not gonna do it anymore. write things that will convince u to stop. and keep that paper with u all the time in ur pocket. PUT effort and thought into this paper/writing. (BUT TRY THE ABOVE GRAPH METHOD)

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