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coldskin , 23 Nov 2011


Get graph paper (it has a lot of squares & they will represent days for us.) Here is the first step: Right when u wake up in the morning, u will place a # 1 inside the first top left corner square. NOW, this symbolizes from that morning, throughout the day, & until u go back to sleep at night you have promised yourself u WILL NOT PICK! Fold up the paper & keep it on u where ever u go! Once your in bed again to go sleep, set the paper by u and be prepared for the next morning. When u wake back up again next morning u put a # 2 symbolizing the second day of refraining from picking! keep doing this for day three with a #3 in the third square. & 4,5,6,7... and so on. carry this paper with you too.(its like a portable calendar with many days) if u pick badly and it upsets u start the whole process over, immediately throw away ur graph paper and start with a new one. get a lot of days done. peace

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