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AmericanPicker , 23 Nov 2011

Help Dating=Picking

Every time I start dating someone my skin picking gets a lot worse! Does this happen to anyone else? I assume it is either a form of self-sabotage or the stress and anxiety that comes with being emotionally vulnerable or some combination, but I can't stop. I am supposed to go on vacation with my boyfriend in 2 weeks and I have 4 disaster areas from picking pimples including one in the center of my forehead! I have been doing my best to cover them up, but it will be nearly impossible to do that on our trip and I don't want him to see my face like this. Any tips on how to A.) How to heal the existing marks quicker B.) Stop picking for the next 2 weeks I am seriously considering not going, it is that bad.
2 Answers
November 25, 2011
I relate to your struggles. I am currently dating someone and my picking has increased. A couple questions: is the relationship frustrating you in someway? when do you it right before the both of you get together? do you do it while ur with him? Im not that happiest in my relationship...and I pick when we're together. I've been open with him about it....saying its how I deal with anxiety right now. It's not like ur admitting ur nuts or anything...just being real. I'm sure he has his own unique quirks as well. I am so embarrassed by my picking too that its cut into my social activities. I avoid lunch with people because my hands are so red, nasty, etc. I usually walk around with tons of band aids on - attractive, huh? - and learned to cover them when talking, sitting, etc. If you dont pick when ur with him, maybe thats all the more reason to go! If you do, he might already notice but still not care. We tend to be hyper sensitive about this. Alot of people pick pimples. Even those that don't still have red and irritated looking ones. Hope this helps.
November 26, 2011
Hey, might be a bit late you might have left already for your holiday...but anyway : I always did the same thing right before I saw my boyfriend, like as I was getting ready putting on makeup etc. It was my way of kind of seeing an imperfection, and trying to improve it, if that makes sense? Like I saw a blackhead or something and tried to make it better and ended up in a full scale skin picking trance! Take it as a sign that you really like this guy, and that care what he thinks of you. I recommend keeping busy and avoiding mirrors as much as possible if you want to avoid more damage, also try not to touch your face or other areas you've been picking at. In the mean time, for healing I suggest neosporin? I believe that's the American equivalent anyway... that and vitamin E (topical) and vitamin C (oral) to speed up collagen production etc. I find Shea Butter with Vit E works really well for me. Just remember : this guy likes you, and already thinks you're beautiful and amazing so try not to be so hard on yourself :) Good luck!

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