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amgoingtochange , 24 Nov 2011

face picking and acne bumps on my neck

hi everyone. boy am i struggling this wk i was doin sooooo well and i have been doin awful for past couple o nites. picked a hole on the front of my nose and got loadsa gooey stuff out but now it very red and sore looking. why do i do this to myself? den i started to squeeze other tings and before long my face was swollen and sore. goin away this wkend and i hope my skin heals extra fast. waht am i going to do
1 Answer
November 28, 2011
Maybe you got so wrapped up in picking more than you intended because you were anxious/ excited about going away for the weekend? I know when I'm going to do something important I get a little more stressed than usual and tend to pick to release it. I unfortunately don't have any advice for how to stop but as for your skin being red afterwards I put fast acting zit cream on my face after and its gone by the next morning. Please know that you're not alone :)

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